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Paititi Jewelry

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About Us

Inspired by the Incan legend of the lost City of Gold, Paititi is an elegant collection of gold plated jewelry reflective of a contemporary yet timeless look. Designed with the modern jewelry lover in mind, one who prefers an understated aesthetic when it comes to both her accessories as well as her wardrobe, Paititi’s jewelry range is predominantly wearable and will consequently form part of your essential daily ensemble, regardless of the occasion. Echoing the clean lines and geometric simplicity of the ancient Incan temples and structures, the pieces can be layered as desired and will blend seamlessly with your attire of choice.
Craftsmanship and a passion for detail are at the core of the Paititi brand, with our team working tirelessly to ensure every piece is as beautiful as the last. A design-led approach combined with simple, elegant pieces results in a collection whose value will continue to grow as the owner becomes more and more attached to every item. Like the lost City of Gold itself, Paititi calls out to jewelry lovers, willing them to discover her exquisite collection.
Live the legend and amass your own gilded treasure trove with Paititi.